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Our Rug Refurbishment Service

 Do It All Cleaning LLC is the company to contact whenever you need a rug cleaning, maintenance, or refurbishment service. We are located in Rockford, OH and have been helping the people living in the area keep their rugs in top condition for over 6 years now. And since we have pages for the other rug services we offer, on here, we will share more about the rug refurbishment we do. So, if you would like to learn more about this service, stay on this page and keep reading.

Like with the carpets, some thread may get pull out of your rug and ruin its beautiful appearance. Whenever that happens, however, you should not rush to get new rugs and throw the old ones away, because they can be fixed. The loose threads can be pulled back into the rugs by experts like us, which will make the rug look good again. We, from Do It All Cleaning LLC, know how to do that without damaging the rug in the process and blend everything perfectly, so you won't be able to tell that there was a problem there before.

Because our team is comprised of professionals who have lots of experience in this field of work, we are able to handle of kinds of situations. We have the skills, knowledge, and of course, tools needed to pull any threads back into the rug and make it appealing again. We will also fix any holes if there are any. This service can be combined with rug cleaning as well, so you can get everything needed, done, in one go, by experts who know how to do an exceptional job.

Do It All Cleaning LLC
Address: 9150 Burrville Road Rockford, OH 45882
Phone: (419) 678-2517

 If you ever need a rug refurbishment service or have any questions you didn't get the answers to on this page, you should get in touch with us at (419) 678-2517 right away.

We would love to lend a helping hand to the people of Rockford, OH and are looking forward to your calls!